Who is Janet Switzer?

Ms. Janet Switzer – the internationally acclaimed ‘Revenue Strategist’.  Her status and authority as an international business icon provides the credibility, integrity, security and of course, actual results you will see in your cash flow.

For over 25 years, Janet Switzer has been at the forefront of helping authors, celebrities, entrepreneurs and business owners, just like you, learn, grow and profit.

  • She’s the revenue strategist that celebrity entrepreneurs turn to for guidance.
  • She’s earned the reputation as an authority on small-business income-generation.
  • She’s the New York Times bestselling co-author and marketing genius behind The Success Principles — the #1 self-help classic now published in 29 languages.
  • She advises billionaires, industry leaders, governments, and businesses of all sizes on the fundamentals of revenue-generation.
  • She’s a thought-provoking speaker, panelist and mentor at industry conferences and think tanks around the world.
  • And she’s the guru-maker revered by bestselling authors, high-priced consultants, and top media professionals for her skill in turning knowledge and expertise into business empires.
  • She has advised businesses in dozens of diverse industries and in virtually every business category — including hi-tech, manufacturing, retail, service businesses, dealer-distributors, professional practices, consulting firms and more — in leveraging their products, services, inventory, expertise, distribution channels, Internet presence, intangibles and other assets for countless millions in potential revenue.
  • Of particular note is her work in emerging and advanced economies — from Indonesia to Malaysia… and China to the United States and United Kingdom — advising business owners on those proven systems and strategies that are the underpinnings of profitable, revenue-focused enterprises.